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Hardcopies of the album are also available for purchase on my web store: http://SheIsHipHop.com/store.

Download “Love You Baby” on iTunes (http://goo.gl/5gO3x) or GooglePlay (http://goo.gl/5UTuh) for 99 Cents.

Watch the MTV Coverage of the “Love You Baby” Video & Interview w/ Sway & Wale:
http://www.mtv.com/videos/news/707409/meek-cole-drake-sean-comprise-wales-dre… (Starts at the 1:00 mark)

F02 Music Presents: 1st Wonder & Candis (SheIsHipHop) featuring Nathaniel & Nikita Tyree) – “Love You Baby” Produced by No Joke Productions & Directed by IAmBiggs for UrbanMediaKings.com.

Follow the Artist, Producer, Director on Twitter:
http://Twitter.com/SheIsHipHop – http://Facebook.com/1stWonderF02
http://Twitter.com/1stWonderF02 – http://Facebook.com/SheIsHipHop


Candis @SheIsHipHop – “No Church In The Wild” (Freestyle) Directed by Unkle Rara for 15 Minutes of Fame Entertainment

DOWNLOAD THIS FREESTYLE TO ANY DEVICE HERE:http://soundcloud.com/f02music/candis-sheishiphop-no-church

Dancers provided by LippStiq Dance Companyhttps://www.facebook.com/LippstiqDancers

Check out the story and behind the scenes pics of the video here –http://sheishiphop.com/2012/08/26/candis-sheishiphop-church-in-the-wild-video…

“No Church In The Wild” is featured on the F02 Music Compilation. Download it Free here – http://www.datpiff.com/1st-Wonder-RSVP-The-F02-Music-Compilation-mixtape.3209…

Follow Candis on http://Twitter.com/SheIsHipHop
Join Candis on http://Facebook.com/SheIsHipHop
Find out more about Candis on http://SheIsHipHop.com

Directed by: http://Twitter.com/UnkleRara for http://twitter.com/15MofeRadiohttp://15Mofe.com

Contact us for a hard copy of the CD’s. F02Management@gmail.com