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Download and stream artist Reddy Redd debut single “Now” available on all digital platforms!

Susan “Reddy Redd” Benjamin is an up-and-coming independent artist straight out of  Charleston, SC. Her passion and drive for her craft is a force to recon with! This song  “NOW” is her breakout single. Through hard work and dedication, she got this right. This single project pays homage to where she came from to where she’s at! She chose this song because it a depiction of her. “NOW” is streaming on all major platforms.

Download and Stream The Single “Now”:

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Connect with Reddy Redd:

Facebook: Redd Benjamin IG: triple_platnium85

For booking information contact: 

Lisa Gonzalez-Williams  843-696-3981 

Money, and Motivation: Stay Productive During The Pandemic. Written By Karen Weeks

Photo by from Pexels

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a challenging time for everyone, but live performers may have been some of the hardest hit. Performing artists reported an unemployment rate of 27.4 percent in August 2020, according to ABC News, leading them to need to pivot creatively and find new ways of bringing in income. For many musicians and other kinds of live performing artists, the pandemic has created a sense of urgency that didn’t exist before, or existed only in small doses — an urgency to keep creating, keep pivoting, and never alight in one place for too long.

Even as vaccines become more widely available and restrictions begin to lift, social distancing will still be a good idea, and we will need to adapt to the changing times. GlobalShyne takes a look at some ways musicians can still make money even as the pandemic continues.

Find freelance opportunities.

Use your musical skills to find jobs online that you can do for a fee. Freelancing is one of the most interesting ways to make money since you can learn a lot and do different kinds of work. If you want to use your creative energy to provide writing, proofreading, or editing services, there are plenty of people who are willing to pay for that kind of work. You can also consider writing musical compositions for people online. Freelance music composers can work for individuals, businesses, music libraries, the entertainment industry, and more.

Another way to explore freelance opportunities is to offer mixing and mastering services to a wider online audience. You can post your resume and portfolio on online job boards, where folks can choose to hire you for their gigs. People will ask for your help mixing the music they have recorded, which will allow your own skills to shine.

If you’re thinking of starting your own music business, take the steps to legally set up your business. This includes necessary licenses and permits, forming a business entity and submitting an employer ID (EIN) application so you can open a business bank account and, later, hire new employees. Using an online formation service to complete this process is easy and affordable; check out the ZenBusiness reviews and consider outsourcing the job to them. Once these tasks are checked off, you can focus on opening your business and how you will market your company.

Build your online brand.

The advent of social media, and YouTube in general, has transformed how music and performances are consumed by society at large. YouTube, in particular, is becoming a giant of the music industry; in 2020, Music Business Worldwide notes that more than 2 billion YouTube users per month were playing music videos, and most users were consuming more than 10 minutes of music content every time they logged in. Long story short: You can use YouTube to your advantage. If you garner enough of a following, you can make a good amount of passive income (money you make without being actively engaged in real-time transactions) in YouTube views.

Give online music lessons.

If you are interested in helping a younger generation of musicians come up in the space, you should consider passing along your knowledge by providing online music lessons. While online lessons can be more challenging than face-to-face interactions, they can still be just as lucrative and rewarding. Online lessons provide convenience for both teacher and learner and generally give both a better chance at being focused during the lesson.

Remember that you will need a speedy internet connection, the right kinds of technologies available (e.g., microphone, recording devices), and video chatting capabilities (whether that be on your phone, tablet, or computer). You also need to make sure your software is up to date, and account for any time differences that may exist between you and your pupil.

Remember: Pivot, but stay true to yourself.

If music is your passion, you can find ways to make money while fulfilling your creative dreams. By using the resources during this guide, you can make ends meet while you’re waiting for an opportunity to safely perform publicly for fans once again.

Karen Weeks


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