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Miami, Florida – McKenzie Corporal (aka Untamed) at the helm. Untamed was born and raised in Miami Dade County. In the beginning, however, there were 4 members with a group name of C.B.G. Cherry Bay Goons. But with the passing of one of their members, Charlie Bell (aka Scoot) and the departure of the other two members, Untamed remained stead fast and continued his quest. Meeting D.C. Bryant at a M…iami, FL open mic night. Bryant gave Untamed the edge he needed. D.C. Bryant began to develop Untamed and that was the start of his new sound with a full team behind Untamed and a live band that is now the new Sound of Untamed.
There are two singles that are being highlighted at this time, “We Came To Party” and “Ultra”. the promotional mixtape Sex Music & Demons is out now online. We Came To Party is “a real pop rock dance song with hip hop vocals its based around partying. “Ultra” is an electronic dance track with rap vocals to it that’s all about dancing and having fun.” These two songs have great radio and dance appeal. They have great introductions, and are good examples of the versatility of Untamed One song highlights the vocal ability and has a more soulful tempo – the other song has a quicker tempo with a more zesty feel to it. Their style of music is pop/hip hop/rock – a blend of all of these gave Untamed his unique sound. Untamed’s harmonies and lyrics are very well written and performed. They are a definite ‘must buy’ in my book. Untamed is currently working on touring but nothing has been confirmed at this time. He is also working on a compilation CD with New Jersy base company Final Phaze and for a publishing, licensing and/or placement opportunities.

“I love what I do and like my company name say Crowned To Be Great. So whatever you are doing in life, don’t give up and make sure you become the best at it because I’m just not crowned to be great – you are too.”

Check out the mixtape SEX MUSIC & DEMONS

Sex Music – Talen Grates

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