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Usher’s “A” out now! http://smarturl.it/a1014/ Directed by Yoni Lappin Production Company – Freenjoy EP – Nathan Scherrer, Wandie Kabule, Julia Ochsenreiter Produced by Jeremy Hartman Los Angeles DP – Joe Cook Atlanta Line Producer – Maya Table Atlanta DP – Todd Martin Edited by Nate Gross at Exile Edit Colored by Jason Wallis at Electric Theater Collective Film provided by Kodak

Watch the “A” trailer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IQQ5T…

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Vedo – Slow (Single)

Vedo – Slow (Prod By: Doh Boy)

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“ I am bold, daring and fearless, I make no effort to stand out from the crowd, this sort of thing comes naturally to me”- (Jeff Chery). With that said, he does just that with his unique musical style and word play. This is a no brainer why all the hard work put forth has landed Jeff Chery with his recent signing with Rick Ross’s label “Maybach Music Group”, after competing in the new hit series “Signed” on VH1. GlobalShyne gets to chat with Jeff Chery to talk about his signing, new album “Roam” and what is next for the talented hip-hop artist and future mogul Jeff Chery “The Haitian Mufasa”.

GlobalShyne: First off thank you for chatting with us, we have been following you since 2010 in your TeamRsinal days… So to start how would you describe Jeff Chery then Vs who Jeff Chery is now?

Jeff Chery: The Jeff Chery then had yet to experience all the life changing experiences the Jeff Chery now has ya dig.

GlobalShyne: How would you describe your music style? How long have you been on this musical journey?

Jeff Chery: I’d say my style is a good combination of Melody’s and Vibes. I’ve been on this musical journey forever and a didday.

GlobalShyne: You recently competed on Vh1’s show “Signed” and was signed to Rick Ross labeled “MMG”, What was that like for you when you think how far you have come?

Jeff Chery: Fidacts, It felt incredible and confirmed what I’ve always known, hard work pays off.

GlobalShyne: You currently have a project coming out Dec 15th, 2017 called “Roam“, can you briefly explain the thought process behind it and what this means to you following your signing?

Jeff Chery: To Roam is part of a Young Lions life when they are scavenging and trying to get it. Being I am the Haitian Mufasa it feels like that’s exactly at the point of my life I am in. Feels good knowing after the show I didn’t sit down but kept going!

GlobalShyne: What would you say is your favorite song on Roam?

Jeff Chery: I’d say toss up between Roam and Yummy

GlobalShyne: What artist/ producers have you worked with thus far and who do you still look forward to working with in the industry and or independent?

Jeff Chery: Honestly I keep it so in house ya dig. 8-Off, Savage beats, & SM-Tracks. Def looking to work with whomever down to work les build.

GlobalShyne: What is next for Jeff Chery coming 2018? Is there a tour coming soon?

Jeff Chery: Right now we on the road all diddy day touching the fans. Expect a lot more music and visuals.

GlobalShyne: How can fans and supporters connect with you as far as social media, new music, tour dates etc?

Jeff Chery: Yup, @Jeffchery on all social media platforms for upcoming show dates and appearances. Roam Drops the 15th of course.

GlobalShyne: Anything that you would like to say to anyone that is striving to be in the position you are in as an artist?

Jeff Chery: I’m living proof you could do it…don’t give up.

GlobalShyne: Last but not least anything you want to say to your fans? How can those interested contact you to book you?

Jeff Chery: Ah ah ahhhhh!!! Love to everyone supporting a young king! Haiti forever


Connect with Jeff Chery:

Facebook/Twitter/ Instagram @Jeffchery

Website: http://www.jeffchery.com/

Booking info: ajohnwaynproduction@gmail.com


Purchase the new album “Roam” by Jeff Chery right now: http://hyperurl.co/i5f4qx

-Interviewed By Jamia Parks (GlobalShyne)



June 10th – HollyHood Wednesdays/ChitChat @teeno27 @adoggoodstroke @ritestuff112

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June 13th – Heels & Wheels Car & Bike Show/ De’Lux Lounge ft. ????????

June 14th – Southside Sundays/Levelz 2 Special invice guest Johnny Cinco, @JoeGreen_rsn , @iamLilDOnald & @RunWayRychy

June 15th – Producer Appreciation/JBs Sportsbar Producer Apreciation Ensayne Wayne, Jon Boii, Wonder, Stoopid Beats & More Dj Appreciation with Tom Cruise, DJ Such N SUch, Dj SouthWest, Dj Dirty, DJ Tony D, DJ Play Boi & More

June 16th – Ladies Night MY OFFICIAL BDAY!/ GME with @TampaMystic

(Locations are Subject to change with notice)

For more information about this event please contact @bossladyentceo 678.367.9479 slots are filling up fast dont miss out!

Good Company’s own U-Nyce latest visual off the
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Black Frost Official Video for “Sincerely Yours”.
Black Frost Da Beauty & Da Beast Vol 4 “No Love N’ Hip Hop” Coming Soon.

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Dirty Dave ft Migos – Carolina (Viral Video) Directed by @QuadDub

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