RA Certified with Team Dangerzone


Terrell Elias better known as his stage name RA Certified is a hip hop recording artist from Philadelphia PA. RA Certified started rapping at the age 14 when he realized he could record his own tracks, by plugging the headphones into the microphone input on his mother’s stereo system.  In the mid 1990’s, RA Certified and childhood friend Casius K formed the rap duo Dangerous Villians. They released 3 mix tapes before Casius K was sentenced to prison. The duo recorded with the late Kenny Luck former base player for Philly’s own Boyz II Men. Also, the rap duo performed in front of the Bad Boy staff, during the auditions for “Making the Band”.

Now a solo hip hop artist and founder/member of the heavyweight entertainment super team Dangerzone, RA is currently going state to state with label mate Los Lansky promoting his latest mix tape titled, “Trapped In Tha 90’s”. The mix tape is exactly what the title says “Trapped in Tha 90’s”.  RA Certified rhymes on classic hip hop instrumentals from the early 90’s like “Loyalty & Honesty” remixed over Nas “Represent” hit  with  RA Certified addressing envy and jealousy in the streets amongst friends and family.  RA Certified also introduces his track “My Shorties” remixed over The Lost Boyz 1995 smash hit “Renee”; RA Certified straight out gives the audience the run down on his past relationships as a teenager sure to keep you entertained from beginning to end.

RA Certified has opened up for countless hip hop artists such as DMC of RUN DMC, Mr. Cheeks, DJ Lazy K, Fred the Godson, & Lore’l from Love & Hip Hop.  RA Certified also had the pleasure to perform live at “The Legend of Darrel ‘Cornbread’ McCall Honor Ceremony” where he was personally requested by honoree Cornbread the originator of hip hop Graffiti.

 RA Certified provides lyricism and real life issues in every rap he writes. Also a R&B and soul song writer his creations give not only hip hop but main stream music (period) a unique sound — a witty bar play delivery and a flow you can’t compare to anyone  else—he has that IT factor.  RA Certified is definitely in a class by himself. Now currently booked throughout the upcoming summer look for RA Certified, label mate Los Lansky, and the whole Dangerzone team.  RA Certified with Team Dangerzone will be opening up for Jim Jones, Noreaga, Freeway, and on tour with AD The General with the Elegant Hoodness Music Group, just to name a few.  Check out RA Certified on Facebook for dates, States, and updates®