Richmond native Rayshawn Mc Graphik Harris was born May 13, 1987 in M.C.V hospital located in the downtown area of Richmond VA. He began his life living in the Jackson Ward Projects with his mother, which marked only the beginning of many trials and tribulations he would soon face. With his father being in and out of jail due to heavy participation in the drug game, Graphik was already faced with much to bear at young age. Sadly, things would soon only get worse for him. His mother suffered from a dangerous addiction to crack cocaine, a addiction that came with a heavy price to pay! Due to his mothers actions from her addiction he tragically lost two of his siblings, Brittany and Savon Harris in the early 90’s. Soon thereafter, he was placed in the custody of his grandparents Marlene and Larry Harris. Making a transition to the southside area of Richmond he began running the streets, mainly around the Hopkins rd and Broad Rock areas. The events of his recent past reflected highly in his attitude and behavior. He had grown bitter, pretty much having a ~I dont give a fuck” mentality, causing him to be kicked out of numerous schools. Some may have thought that all hope was lost for him but, he soon would find a release. Graphik found a passion inside of him that not only leveled him out but helped him to cope with life as well. Music! Music became his breath of fresh air through the many storms he had and was facing. It was also his way of publicly displaying his story, reaching out for a ear to listen. Some may not understand his music or his passion for it but, he thrives to make visible his undeniable truth. Graphik is truly a star on the rise, having more than 175 tracks on record with over 5 mixtapes and counting. Amazingly talented he not only shines as a artist but also as a producer, beat maker, mixes, and graphic designer. Working hard in such aspects not only for his selfmade tracks but, for his upcoming label and movement as well. Destined for greatness Graphik is focused, determined, and pushing strong to makes his dreams and aspirations a marvelous reality. He does so in memory of his grandparents in which he will always thrive to never let down!

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