After dropping his “Against the Grain” and “The Transition” mixtapes, Brooklyn born, Atlanta based rapper Jeff Chery returned to the lab and now reemerges with his debut webisode — signifying the start of new music and a new movement.

In the first five-minute webisode, Jeff returns to Brooklyn, where he starts the day investing in his latest concept and ends the day with those closest to him. At King’s Plaza, a Brooklyn shopping staple, viewers will see Jeff get clothing embroidered with his signature N.O.R.A logo. The N.O.R.A concept stands for No Obligations, Rules or Authority and as Jeff tells it, “Basically, it means that everyone is their own boss, has free will and free spirit to do whatever they want — no holds barred.” In the webisode, Jeff then heads to the studio for a behind-the-scenes introduction to his team.

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