Releases Video For 3rd Single, “Can’t Trust’em” Today

Los Angeles, CA (April 16, 2010) – Las Vegas based artist Dizzy Wright will release his debut album,SmokeOut Conversations, on Friday, April 20th on Funk Volume and distributed through INgrooves.

A provocative album that dissects life and rejects mainstream opinions, SmokeOut Conversationsdemonstrates the Vegas-bred’s rapper’s growth as an artist.  “Smoking brings people together and it often humbles people.  You laugh, you loosen up and you smile.  It’s a great way to get to know someone,” says Wright.  Fans will definitely get to know Dizzy Wright as he takes you along on his journey on this 16-track classic. Inspired by Don Miguel Ruiz’s widespread book, “The Four Agreements.” Wright begins, “I live the four agreements …. The first agreement is to be impeccable with your word. People will learn something from this album.”  Wright’s first single, “Solo Dolo” has already reached more than 500,000 views on Youtube ( and the second single, “F*ck Your Opinion” is on it’s heels.  Today, Wright will release the video for his 3rd single, “Can’t Trust’em” on his Facebook page:

“Get Back,” is the first track Wright prepared for the album.  As he continues to rise in the rap game he noticed many new “friends” and Wright sums the song up with a simple sentence – “Don’t act like you know me.”  Wright explores the topic of drug use and how people change with abuse on “You Don’t Want That Love.” “It’s a story of a friend that was good one day and the next day he was a completely different person.  The drugs made him seek attention and he thought he was getting love, posting his number on the internet and everything,” says Wright.  There’s also something for the ladies on this album on “Get It Together,” and Wright says what most guys won’t say.  “I’m being completely honest on this track, women need to know that they can’t let someone bring them down and knock them completely off of their feet.”  The album features production from Funk Volume’s own, DJ Hoppa, Rikio, Sub-Zer0, BJames, and 3rd Eye.

At 17-years old with several years of experience Dizzy decided to take his rap career seriously. Formerly known as Dizzy D Flashy, Dizzy was a winner on BET’s “Wild Out Wednesdays,” winner of the Sheikh Music “Rip the Mic” Competition and released 5 mixtapes, which lead him to rack up over 1-million views on YouTube. In November 2011, Wright signed to Funk Volume after being discovered at the Sheikh Music “Rip the Mic” Competition in 2010. Wright wants for people to learn something when they listen to his music by discussing situations that his fans can relate to. “The internet allowed me to see what my music did to people – I like being able to see the response. When you rap, you have a voice and this is how I balance my thoughts,” says Wright.

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Name Feature Producer
1 SmokeOut Conversations Chel’le DJ Hoppa
2 Get Back   Rikio
3 Cant Trust’em   Sub-Zer0
4 Teamwork Makes The Dream Work   BJames
5 Solo Dolo   Sub-Zer0
6 Frustrated   Rikio
7 Who Want It SwizZz SwizZz
8 Accept My Flaws Pt. 2 Chel’le Rikio
9 You Don’t Want That Love   Rikio
10 Fuck Your Opinion   Rikio
11 Local Weed Man   DJ Hoppa
12 Get It Together   3rd Eye
13 Who Got The Chronic   DJ Hoppa
14 Assumptions   DJ Hoppa
15 Taking My Time   Rikio
16 Remembered   Rikio

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