Category: Food For Thought

We step in your presnce tonight humbled rejoicing your name and thanking you for these oportunities you have made for us ..lord, we praise you for what you have done, what you are doing, and what you are about to do…bless our family in,your holy name and order our steps in the path of riteousness wisdom an your glory lord…in jesus name Amen – Dj Kango

Never let people bring you down to the devil’s level, remember they evny you and your the one with the most to lose. – Globalshyne

You never know until you try…apply yourself and they will answer. – Globalshyne

Take time to constantly re-evaluate your goals, accomplishments and finances…that’s how one stays on top. – Global Shyne

Step into the biggest version of yourself. Let go of your limiting thoughts & other people’s opinions. Let your light shine. – MissHipHopNRnB

Got to balance work, business, and family because its not worth having everything that makes you happy and no one to share that joy with – globalshyne

Its a Business and a Business with No Money Gets No Business,No Progress, No Results. Start with something.Or leave wit nothin – AJ_UMG_MRKTNG

“True FREEDOM resides in your engagement with COURAGE and DIVORCE  from FEAR” – S.Moore

Friendship is not about whom you have known the longest, who came first in your life or who cares the most. Its about who came & never left. -The Best Sex 101

Life struggles are not intended to make you fearful or bitter, but to make you wiser, stronger and more understanding – Hillzmusic